Ways Anti-bullying Laws

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  • Published : November 13, 2013
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Sentence outline
I. Introduction
a. Hook: More than 160,000 students get bullied a year
b. Thesis: The United States should have more serious disciplinary actions for any type of bullying seen or heard of. c. Functional Introduction: In this paper I will talk about the ways anti-bullying laws are necessary and not necessary(1) How students are effected by bullying(2) How Parents react when their child is being bullied(3) research and studies on bullying(4). II. Anti-Bullying Laws

a. Anti-bullying Program Research
a.i. We know, in fact that only 8% of programs implemented by schools are in fact evidence-based, and only 3.5% are both evidence based and implemented with fidelity, or as designed; when programs are implemented as designed, their effectiveness goes down (Temkin,2013) . a.ii. Even programs with the most evidence will not work for every school (Temkin, 2013). a.iii. There has been a growth in policies and programs addressing bullying what schools can do, with evidence indicating that some anti-bullying programs can reduce the bullying in schools by 20% (Egan, 1993). III. Students and Bullying

a. Gender differences and bullying
a.i. An important consideration is the gender differences in social behaviors and empathy. Research has noted that girls tend to report having higher levels of empathy, pro-social behavior, and lower levels of behavior and bullying (Gano-Overway, 2013). a.ii. A report also showed that more boys except bullying than girls (Ijeoma-Alika, 2012). a.iii. Girl Victim at school who are being bullied tend to have poor relations with their mother and are apt to feel over-controlled by their parents especially their fathers (Rigby, 2012). a.iv. Research has noted that girls tend to have higher levels of empathy and pro-social behavior (Gano-Overway, 2013). a.v. He/she often shows impatience and anger when placed in situations requiring empathy (Hoot, 2008). a.vi. One out of 10 students drop out of school because of bullying...
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