What panasonic learned in china

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  • Published : September 22, 2013
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What Panasonic Learned in China

Title:What Panasonic Learned in China
Authors:Toshiro Wakayama, Junjiro Shintaku andTomofumiAmano Journal:The Globe
Date of publication:December 2012

What Panasonic Learned in China

The article which we will be reviewing is “What Panasonic Learned in China”. The article is written by Toshiro Wakayama, Junjiro Shintaku and Tomofumi Amano. It has been published in December 2012 for the journal The Globe. “What Panasonic Learned in China” consists out of six pages. The main focus of the article is the importancy of adaptation for companies meeting consumer needs as well as being efficient on worldwide scale. The authors of “What Panasonic Learned in China” describe the process of Panasonics integration in Chinese Markets. At first Panasonic aimed at using China for their lower costs of manufacturing and the output gained in China was mostly destined for export. Besides this, little effort was made to understand the Chinese market. However, the leaders of Panasonic saw slow growth in China, thus they realized that they needed to engage more deeply with customers in China. Consequently, in 2005, Panasonic created the Shanghai-based China Lifestyle Research Center, which was the first attempt to develop a deep understanding of consumer lifestyles in a market outside Japan. Panasonic adjusted certain products to Chinese local needs and became more effective on these local markets. By fostering formal and informal relationships among market-research staff members in China and engineers in Japan, Panasonic ensured that the center’s staff could address both local adaptation and worldwide integration. Panasonic changed from a rather Japanese to a global powerhouse.

The purpose of the article is to analyse Panasonic’s activities on Chinese markets and to inform the reader about this subject. The author’s major findings and conclusions are that Panasonic has successfully emerged into the...
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