Workplace Bullying

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  • Published : June 9, 2013
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Work place bullying is a particularly insidious form of counter productive workplace behaviour that results in significant costs to both organizations and targets (Patricia et al., 2007). Also work place bullying is a destructive or unintentional, general or specific, verbal or non verbal. It is harmful because it demoralizes people. Its impact leaves employees (who experienced of being bullied) feeling hurt, humiliated, belittled or shamed and atmosphere which the workplace damage and in need of rebuilding.

Definition for bullying

Defining bullying would appear to be vital in recognizing the facts in order to tackle the problem. As per Randall (1997) “Bullying defined as the aggressive behaviour arising from the deliberate intent to others. Thomas M, (2005) states work place bullying is a systematic abuse of power or authority to persistently and repeatedly intimidates or criticized an individual the workplace. Therefore workplace can be further explained as repeated unreasonable actions of individuals (or a group) directed towards an employee (or a group of employees) which is intended to intimidate and creates a risk to the health and safety of the employees (Washington state department of labour and industries, 2008) some researches mentioned that Bullying type behaviour may be difficult to define, however bullying and harassment describes it as any action or behaviour or threatening and that is unanswered and unwanted.

In some situations position in the hierarchy was related to bullying. It emphasis that individuals in lower administrative and service job were more likely to be bullied and those superior positions were more often identify as positions which carryout bad or illegal actions of bullying. Further more researchers found that reorganization or restructuring within the organization can be a cause of great stress for many people. If the factors associated with the change not manage properly it will lead to...
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