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  • Published : November 16, 2014
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When I have finished my degree at university I am interested in a career in management. My key strengths are leadership, being results driven and the ability to work independently. I developed my leadership skills by captaining my rounder’s and football team. During my time of captaincy we won the Staffordshire tournament, the league and the cup. This developed my key leadership skills as I learnt how to motivate people in order to achieve the best out of them and accomplish the most successful possible outcome for the team. My skill of being results driven also helped me to achieve these goals. During school I set myself an aspiration of achieving nothing below an A during my GCSE’s and due to my strong personal determination, I achieved this. Also during my part-time job at both Roadchef and Tesco our results were monitored by KPI’s and percentages, I was also determined to achieve the highest rating or 100% in my stock control role, due to my results driven attitude I commonly achieved this. My drive and determination would be ideal in the management field due to constantly pushing for the best results which is in the best interest of the business and such skills are ideal for a role model within an organisation. A further skill I possess is the ability to work independently, although I thrive in a team-working environment, I also have the skills to be self-driven and self-motivated. I developed these skills within my time in education as I was able to ensure I always completed my work and met essential deadlines, also displaying my organisation skills, all which will be essential skills when developing into a career in management.

One of my personal weaknesses is public speaking, I sometimes find it hard to present confidently in front of large groups. However this is a skill I have never had to particularly use due to my previous studies being all written communication and assessments. However during university this will be a key skill I need to...
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