Young Frankenstein/Frankenstein Comparison

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  • Published : May 31, 2007
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Young Frankenstein/Frankenstein Comparison

"Young Frankenstein" and "Mary Shelly's Frankenstein" is a perfect example of satire. To be more specific it is considered a parody, and probably one of the best parody's ever created. The way Mel Brooks depicts the classic horror film with his own personal perspective and twist is truly genius. No doubt a box office blowout in the 70's, "Young Frankenstein" is still continuing to be enjoyed around the world today. He nails every detail, down to the tee and turns horrendous, terrifying situations into incredibly funny and hilarious ones. These two classic movies have gone down in history as two of the most superior films in American history.

As you will notice as the movie "Young Frankenstein" opens up, that is done in black and white. This was also the case in "Mary Shelly's Frankenstein"; this was done to keep the authenticity in "Young Frankenstein", and make it seem more scary and serious, which is soon proven wrong when the gut-wrenching laughter begins. As opposed to thrilling music whenever a detrimental situation approaches, thunder blazes through the speakers of your television. There was also no music in "Mary Shelly's Frankenstein", which made you feel as if "Young Frankenstein" was merely a duplicate of the original, but we soon are proven wrong when we meet Igor, who was a character in the original, only his witty banter and funny commentary make him a major role in this film.

Once the monster is created by Dr. Frankenstein, we hit a major patch of satire that is present through many true scenes in the movie "Young Frankenstein". When the monster escapes from the Frankenstein castle, he reeks havoc on the town, but is done satirically. On his terrifying strole through Transylvania, a major scene is spoofed on. The Monster meets a little girl who is passing the time by throwing flower petals down a well. When the girl meets the monster, she seemed somewhat oblivious to the monster's grimace image....
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