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  • Published : March 10, 2015
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U.S. Response to the Zombie Epidemic
It is evident that the recent outbreak of the z-virus that is sweeping across the Asian continent has created a zombie epidemic that has claimed many human lives and continues to spread rapidly. The number of those affected by the virus is currently in the thousands and continues to grow by the hour. If left unchecked, this epidemic could spread across the ocean and into our territories within days. Seeing how fast the disease spreads and how catastrophic it could become if it were to enter the U.S., we need to take prompt and decisive actions to halt the virus on its path of destruction. Thus, it is imperative that the president of the United States orders our borders to be shut down, avoid any cooperation with China as it may tip the balance of power in their favor and, if possible, create alliances with the zombie armies to ensure that they focus their attacks mainly on North Korea. The most urgent task on our hands is the matter of shutting down our borders. That is because, according to the realist nature of world politics, a containment strategy needs to be proposed as a means of limiting the territorial expansion of the undead (Drezner: p. 40). If we do not act fast in shutting down all modes of transportation (or at least limit the number of travelers in out of the U.S. to the absolute necessary), then the affected humans could cross over and embark on an uncontrollable spree of feasting on the brains of American citizens. By severely constricting the passage of travelers to and from our nation, we ensure that the living dead will be forced to invade other continents and will be unable to cross over into ours. In addition to the above, the president needs to take the distribution of gains into account when considering any type of cooperation with the affected Asian nations, especially China (p. 34). According to Daniel W. Drezner in Theories of International Politics and Zombies, “If a hegemon is supplanted by a...
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