A Critique of the Book Pride and Prejudice

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  • Published : March 18, 2016
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This story about how Elizabeth gets stuck in a dreadful snow storm enlivens the normal walk that Elizabeth took in the book, Pride and Prejudice. It spices things up for what was supposed to be a normal walk, but turned into a frightful and awkward experience for Elizabeth but a hilarious experience for the reader. The story’s chain of event flowed smoothly in correspondence with the book, without creating a whole new story line for the book or changing the events that actually occurred in the book after he took her usual walk. It just added background/side story that wasn’t important enough to be printed in the actual book, which resembles the play, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead, which was made as a side story for Hamlet. There was great hilarity when, after Elizabeth was stuck in the snowstorm, the only man that came to save her was the one and only Mr. Darcy, who is the reason she went on the went on the walk in the first place to avoid him. This turn of events is a great display of irony because the one person that she wanted to avoid is the one that shows up to rescue her. I found tremendous laughter and also fancied that the irony was continued in the story because after Mr. Darcy finds Elizabeth, they find a cabin, and Elizabeth is stuck in a cabin with Mr. Darcy for about three days. The time they spent in the cabin is just what they needed to clear things up and fall in love with each other because they were able to talk about their true feelings for each other and Elizabeth comes out and tells Mr. Darcy how much she loves him. The story added many comical scenes which gave me a great laugh, for example, in the cabin, Elizabeth had to undress herself because her clothes were wet and Mr. Darcy tried really hard to look anywhere but at her. Another tremendously comical scene was when after Elizabeth fell asleep Mr. Darcy casually gets next to her and just wraps himself around her while she is in her undergarments and, when she woke up...
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