a funny thing happened on the way to the forum

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  • Published : May 12, 2014
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A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum

Throughout this play we follow along with a group of people from Roman times. Its the culmination of a bunch of events happening on just one street with three houses shown. the play's primary objective is that of a comedy, therefore to tell the story with true hilarity. Many of the characters in this play had objectives. Pseudolus is a Slave and his main objective was to obtain freedom. Hero has an objective of getting the love of his life, a beautiful courtesan from next door. Philia is the courtesan that Hero has his heart set out for. Miles Gloriosus is a decorated captain and is looking for a virgin to lay.

Tactics are used throughout by all characters in order to try and get what they want. Pseudolus tries in the beginning to gain his freedom through purchase from his masters so he heads out and tricks citizens into gambling with him and gets money, but then gets caught cheating and has to return the money to the guy who he had dooped. Hero's tactic to get to his objective had him offer Pseudolus his freedom in return for getting him the love of his life. Pseudolus' tactic was to accept the offer given to him by Hero. There were many actions throughout the play for each character to try and achieve their objective.

In "A Funny thing Happened On The Way To The Forum" behavior set the tone for the entire play. Whether it was just to make a laugh or to advance the story forward. For example how each character carried themselves helped with the story plot and how you perceive the role and place of each character. It showed through Domina throughout the play. She spoke loud and condescendingly throughout the play to show that she was an old, heartless, bitch that was disliked by all. Hysterium's behavior was that of being insecure and a frantic mess who tried to please everyone. It was shown through his singing, shaking when talked to, and playing along with Pseudolus, even though through...
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