A Journalese with No Point to Prove

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  • Published : October 14, 2013
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We should not make emotional decisions about gun control. In fact, according to Nick Gillespie the more effective approach would be to target security rather than gun control. In other words, if we strengthen security measures, we may not need to deal with regulating guns. Nick Gillespie, is concerned that the current emotional situation caused my recent shootings may cloud people’s judgment about gun control legislation. Attacks the opposing view

Buzzwords, the current popular culture in news media, have a following comparable to that of a hot celebrity. The topics that the buzzwords are created to illuminate, are often times very serious matters. Unfortunately, if the bandwagon that follows the current debate surrounding a controversial news item is populated by journalists that are nothing more than pomp and circumstance, the hard news issues may not get the attention that is needed to effect change. One such journalist, Nick Gillespie, starts the article with derision and ridicule of both politicians and journalists that are proponents of new gun control laws calling them misguided. It is clear that his intent is to discredit the supporters of gun control as hysterical and illogical. He's trying to maneuver the reader, who may have a bias through TV or other media, and going off emotional reaction as well, to see the politicos as manic and reactionary. Lacks credibility of as an author.

So we know he is well educated and reliable with his sources. He tries to provide logical argument. But his opinion overshadows his efforts, and he comes off looking like a popular culture groupie. He succeeds at making the proponents look irresponsible, and he doesn't waver in his position at all. His contentious article is more of a political antithesis than a proclamation of improving gun legislation or auditing military security-clearance.

Unsupported facts. Nick Gillespie, in his article Now Is Not the Time for New Gun Laws, an attempt is made to...
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