A Nurse I Am

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  • Published : September 17, 2013
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According to the movie, the best two nurses that considered the importance of culture in their approach to patient care are Bob Wilkinson and Ardis Bush. These two nurses got to know their patients better and addressed them by their names. Wilkinson talked about knowing the patient’s and family’s feelings to have a personal understanding of the patient. Wilkinson treated each of his patients uniquely and addressed his patients politely. Furthermore, Wilkinson communicated efficiently with his patients and their families despite the fact that his patients were children. He also ensured that his patients understood the reason he had to give them all the treatments he did and was also an effective listener. Wilkinson simply communicated and calmed his patient when he wanted to take her temperature readings by narrating a story of his grandpa to the child. In addition, Wilkinson helped his patient cope with his illness when he provided him with the toys the child loved to play with. Likewise, Bush considered the importance of culture when she asked how her patient reacted to her drugs. Bush wanted to know if her patient was depressed and asked if there was anything she could do for the patient to relieve her of the pain. Bush was a successful information provider as she nicely discussed with her patient in clear terms the reason why the patient has to reduce her caffeine. Bush also considered the cultural fact that some patients cannot digest any information in a noisy area, and took her patient to a quiet area where she could effectively have a dialogue with the patient. Lastly, Wilkinson and Bush talked about being their patient’s advocate since they spend more time with the patients and are closer to the patients than any other healthcare provider. They both identified that regardless of the cultural background of the patients, they are in the best position to solicit for their patients when the need arises.
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