A Patients Story

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  • Published : February 19, 2014
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Living…That’s the Challenge

Living…That’s the Challenge
On July 16, 1995 The Boston Globe Magazine published “A Patient’s Story”, an article based on Kenneth B. Schwartz. Schwartz was a 40-year-old Boston healthcare attorney, who was diagnosed with advanced lung cancer on November 7, 1994. It came as a shock; he was non-smoker, who smoked an occasional cigarette in college, living a smoke-free healthy lifestyle. “A Patient’s Story” tells Schwartz’s story and his struggle and strife to extend his life. Throughout his journey to survive, Schwartz made connections with people on a personal level whom he would have never expected to show kindness to him, and to make his unbearable experience bearable. Within the months of fighting, Schwartz realized that what matters most during an illness is not only the medications and treatments but also the personal connection between patients and their caregivers Through these people, Schwartz learned how to handle his physical, spiritual, and emotional needs. Physically, Schwartz was in a state of readiness for enhanced knowledge. In this instance a patient expresses an interest to learn about his/her choices in relation to his/her condition. When cancer patients take their lives into their hands, and decide to cooperate and join the fight to survive, they make a positive contribution to decision making with regard to their care. Many cancer patients feel depressed and do not want to move on, but in this case, Schwartz had a team of health professionals who was not going to let cancer define who he was. With the health care team’s persistence, they made sure Schwartz was committed to the required treatment: chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. With this support system, Schwartz was willing to accept all the news, good or bad, which came along with the diagnosis. When Schwartz was told that removing a lung was no longer a cure for the cancer, the doctor gave Schwartz other available...
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