A Plan for Positive Influence on Team Behavior

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  • Published : August 12, 2010
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A Plan for Positive Influence on Team Behavior
The success of a business is contingent on how efficiently the business operates; whereas, the efficiency of the business’s operations depends on the personalities and attitudes of its employees. The personalities and attitudes of an employee can be affected by a number of variables, e.g., the values and vision of the company in which they work. According to Amos and Weathington (2008) “The concept of P-O fit is important to organizations because it suggests that if people fit well with an organization, they are likely to exhibit more positive attitudes and behaviors.” (P-O) means Person-Organization, which suggests that employees favor a work environment that has attributes associated with their own. A work environment that is harmonious will be more conducive for employee satisfaction and positive performance. The relationship between an employee and his or her respective organization can reflect parallel behaviors between them. According to Amos and Weathington (2008) “When an employee’s values match those of an organization-and those of their colleagues in the organization-the values are said to be congruent.” Therefore, it is important that teammates have similar values when working together to complete an objective. When values are not congruent within a team, the team will benefit from assessing individual attitudes and values, and develop a plan to help facilitate constructive influence. Upon developing a plan to improve employee performance, it is important to assess the work environment’s ability to provide sufficient tools, materials, supplies, and equipment (Robbins & Judge, 2007). As previously mentioned, assessing an individual’s attitude and values will help foster positive behavior. Six assessment tools have been formed to help with this process. The first assessment tool is (WHAT’S MY EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE SCORE?), which measures an individual’s ability to manage his or her emotions under...
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