A Well-rounded Student: an Analysis of Core Curriculum Requirements in the College System

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  • Published : October 21, 2014
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A Well-rounded Student: an Analysis of Core Curriculum Requirements in the College System Modern American society often equates success with the completion of a collegiate level education. Throughout the country, a rising number of high school graduates now look to attend four-year universities to obtain a college degree and expand their job opportunities in fields of study that they find interesting. However, many colleges require a core curriculum; students must enroll in core curriculum courses regardless of the pertinence of the core classes to their majors. The implementation of a core curriculum requirement in the college system is highly beneficial because all of the standard subjects that comprise a common core curriculum, especially English, mathematics, science, and a foreign language, promote the development of fundamental skills. All colleges should enforce a core curriculum with the study of English composition and literature because of the important reading and writing skills students from these classes. Regardless of their majors, whether it is biology, mathematics, or business, all students need strong writing and research skills. Although Colene Pefley, writer for Helium Inc, argues, “students have obtained enough general knowledge in high school,” English is a subject that is never fully mastered (Pefley). Even students who arrive at college with adequate writing skills benefit from taking college level English classes. Commenting on a national survey of the nation’s colleges and universities, American Council of Trustees members, Lauri Kempson, Tom Bako, and Eric Markley assert, “literature is fundamental training for critical thinking skills” (Kempson, Bako & Markley). They state that college courses are likely the last time students will read a book they do not choose themselves, which often proves to be a highly educational experience. Another subject required in an ordinary core curriculum is mathematics; the study of mathematics...
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