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  • Published : January 23, 2014
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Comparison: Choose one
Compare demographic and environmental effects of the Columbian Exchange on the Americas with the Columbian Exchange’s demographic and environmental effects on ONE of the following regions between 1492 and 1750. Africa Asia Europe

The Columbian Exchange was a widespread interaction between the Old World and the New World. In this biological and ecological exchange, new plants, animals, diseases, and technology transformed the societies involved. The Americas and Europe are two examples that benefitted a lot from the Columbian Exchange. From 1492C.E. to 1750C.E, the Columbian Exchange had similar interactive and economic effects in the Americas as it did in Europe like new agricultural goods and growth of economic products, but differed in the effects of the Columbian exchange, in terms of the epidemic spread in the Americas. New World crops were spread rapidly by Western European merchants. Corn and potatoes were a big factor in Europe; it marked the introduction of American crops into Europe. Besides those two products, several other foods from the Americas were transported to Europe as well, such as: peppers, maize, tomatoes, beans, and the squash. However, Europe was not the only one that profited from the Columbian Exchange. The Americas gave Europe wheat, rye, barley, and oats. These ingredients helped make bread, which is modernized today. Other than produce, the introduction of livestock to the Americas began. Cattle and horses were imported to the Americas and domestication was adapted. All these new crops helped the market become more efficient and effective. Crops contributed to the economies, but manufactured products did too. The Americas produced gold and silvers from the natural mines. The Columbian Exchange helped the Americas realize this and increased the longing demand for...
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